MARS - Multi-Agent Robot Simulator

The Multi-Agent Robot Simulator (MARS) is a software simulator whose aim is to provide an easy-but-powerful platform for simulating team of mobile robots in structured/unstructured environments. It is able to simulate team of robots moving in a two dimensional workspace. Both holonomic and non-holonomic vehicles can be simulated. Sampling time is set by the user and it is assumed that robots can change their status at each time step.

The zipped version of Mars can be freely downloaded from here (ver. 1.10). It contains all the needed files, demos and documentation.

MARS references:

Examples of simulation performed by Mars

Four robots following a circular trajectory

Coverage problem involving Voronoi cells

Pursuer-evader game (non-holonomic robots)

Pursuer-evader game (holonomic robots)

Obstacle avoidance

Robot equipped with sensor